November 10th

Podcasting 101

You have always secretly wanted to start your own podcast, but, like many of us, don't know where to start. We've recruited some of Vancouver's best and brightest podcasting experts to bring you Podcasting 101: The Basics! Note: this workshop is a special engagement with the The Bad Academy that produces workshops for womxn, by womxn. As such, it's not included as part of any of the festival passes.

Event Host(s)
Inside Vancouver

Podcasts might be a global medium, but lots of creators are using them to tell uniquely local stories.

Event Host(s)
Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby

Greek and Roman myths, the classics and the lesser-known, are retold by a feminist millennial who is both obsessed with the stories, and eager to point out the more problematic aspects. The myths are told in a casual, contemporary, and blunt way by the very passionate, and at times rant-y, myth obsessed Liv. 

Dancing About Podcasting

Why do we like listening to people talk about a visual medium? Will film podcasts help get people going to the theatres again? 

Warriors, Bards, N Brews

Two hosts watching episodes of Xena Warrior Princess, doing commentary and going off-topic occasionally to discuss other feminist/queer media. 

Podcast Brunch Club

Join the Vancouver Podcast Brunch Club chapter for a special listener meetup hosted by Podyssey Podcasts for the 2019 Vancouver Podcast Festival. The Podcast Brunch Club (PBC) is like a book club, but for podcasts, with over 60+ chapters around the world.