Live Recordings From VanPodFest 2018

Live Recordings From VanPodFest 2018

Want to know more about what the Vancouver Podcast Festival is all about? Here’s a sample of some of the live recordings we held at the 2018 festival.


Check out the following!


CBC Podcasts: 2050 Degrees of Change

Host Johanna Wagstaffe asks a live audience "What would it take for you to change for climate change?". Featuring a panel of environmental experts exploring what kind of change is meaningful enough to alter the path as we head towards the year 2050.


Pop This!

Hosts Lisa Christiansen and Andrea Warner talk about the classic horror film Misery with special guest Sam Nock from Heavy Content.


Secret Feminist Agenda

Host Hannah McGregor talks to criminal defence lawyers Gloria Ng and Colleen Elden about charter rights, feminist friendship, and whether the law is a tool that can be bent towards justice or is inherently aligned with the oppressive function of the state.


Cambie Report

Cambie Report co-host Ian Bushfield talks about politics and podcasting on this panel with Alex de Boer of CiTR’s Seeking Office and Charlie Demers of the Well Reds podcast.

The panel was moderated by Joseph Planta of the On the Line interview podcast.


Fear of Science

Hosts Jeff Porter and Daniel Chai along with guests Elizabeth Peterson, the curator at the Vancouver Police Musuem, and Andrew Lynch, from Geeks versus Nerds, talk about the police and getting caught. We find out why we fear the police and the wildest crimes each of our guests have witnessed.  


Books on the Radio

Books on the Radio returns after a three year hiatus where hosts Carleigh Baker and Sean Cranbury interview with Eve Lazarus about her fantastic new true crime book, Murder by Milkshake: An Astonishing True Story of Adultery, Arsenic, and a Charismatic Killer.