Teri Snelgrove

Teri Snelgrove is the Associate Producer at the BC & Yukon Studio of The National Film Board of Canada where she has worked on many documentaries including the acclaimed The Road Forward (Marie Clements), Debris (John Bolton), Bone Wind Fire (Jill Sharpe), Crazywater, (Denis Allen) Beauty (Christina Willings), and the interactive project, Bread (Mariette Sluyter). Teri is also working on a number of animated projects, including recently released The Mountain of SGaana (Christopher Auchter) and upcoming films, Shop Class (Hart Snider) and The Zoo (Julia Kwan). Teri Snelgrove is a Newfoundlander and a graduate of the film/video program at Emily Carr Institute (now University). She is currently completing her Master’s degree through SFU’ GLS program. (Confession: It was during her Master’s studies that her affair with sound began...)

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