Sean Dales

From a ripe young age, Sean has yearned for adventure, which has led to travelling, treasure hunting, and a continued love of the Harry Potter series. Though don't talk to him about the movies as canon, or that heathen play! Currently studying Computer Science at SFU, his aptitude for puzzles, theories and riddles makes him a perfect fit for Flipendo's resident Ravenclaw. When not crammed into a tiny recording studio discussing Harry Potter, Sean is a prolific musician who writes and performs his own songs (check him out on Spotify!).

Welcome to Flipendo, an unofficial Harry Potter podcast featuring three lifelong friends discussing their lifelong love of all things HP! What does Madam Hooch do in her spare time? Can wizards own multiple wands at once? Are Howlers ever sent as pranks? If you've ever wondered the answers to any of these questions, come hang out and talk about magic and wands, here with Madison, Muhamed, and Sean!

Harry Potter Podfest featuring local and international guests

Join Hannah McGregor, co-host of Witch, Please, along with Mike Schubert of Potterless Podcast, Muhamed Amirie, Madison Goddyn, and Sean Dales of Flipendo: and Sam Nock of Heavy Content, for a magical afternoon of Harry Potter debates, trivia, costumes, and more!

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