Polly Leger

Polly Leger is an award-winning journalist and podcast producer.

She currently works with Cited Media, which produces the podcasts Crackdown, about the drug war in the Downtown Eastside, and Cited, about the politics of research and ideas. 

Before moving into podcast making full time, Polly worked for CBC Radio stations across Canada, covering everything from breaking news to Vancouver's queer history. She also produced CBC Vancouver's 2050: Degrees of Change, and Season 2 of CBC Podcast's Uncover: Bomb on Board. She once helped a radio listener get a racoon out of their attic.

Polly's roots are in the Maritimes, in the ancestral, unceeded territory of the Mi'kmaq. 

Co-Ops, Campus Radio, and Collectives

With stories about big-money podcast deals flooding the news, it's easy to lose sight of the podcasting's DIY roots. But podcasting is still an accessible medium, with room for new creators and new networks.