Polly Leger

Polly Leger is an award winning journalist and producer. Her work has aired across Canada on CBC Radio, and she's a regular contributor to local CBC Radio shows in Vancouver. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, but her roots are on the Atlantic Coast. 2050: Degrees of Change combines some of her favourite things: science journalism, imagining future worlds, and voicing the next generation of A.I. You can hear more of her work on the upcoming season of CBC Podcasts' Uncover: Bomb on Board, launching this November.

2050: Degrees of Change

In the year 2050, our world and our way of life has been transformed by climate change. The question is, what are we willing to do now in order to change the future? In this new episode of the CBC podcast 2050: Degrees of Change, host Johanna Wagstaffe asks what it would take for you to change for climate change.

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