Nana aba Duncan

Nana aba Duncan is the founder of Media Girlfriends and an associate professor at Carleton University as the inaugural Carty Chair in Journalism, Diversity and Inclusion Studies. In 2016, Nana aba launched Media Girlfriends as a podcast featuring women journalists discussing their lives, accomplishments, feelings of inadequacy, making money, intersectionality, Beyoncé’s work ethic and what it’s like to navigate working in Canadian media.⁣⁣  She was a 2020/2021 William Southam Journalism Fellow at the University of Toronto's Massey College, where she launched her research into the experiences of racialized leaders in Canadian media. Nana aba worked as a host and producer at CBC Radio One for 14 years, including her role as host of Fresh Air, the weekend morning show for Ontario. Previously, she was country director with Journalists For Human Rights in Ghana. In 2020, Nana aba won the Influencer Award at the International Women of Diversity Awards and was a delegate at the Poynter Institute's Leadership Academy for Women in Media.

Nana aba stands smiling in front of a hedge.