Mo Amir

Mo Amir is a Metro Vancouver-based business man. An alumnus of SFU (BBA in Marketing, MA in Political Science), he is new to the podcast world but hasn’t let inexperience stop him. With over 3000 subscribers as of writing, Mo is also a regular contributor to CKNW’s Lynda Steele Show (as a result of the podcast).

Fear of Science vs. This is VANCOLOUR

Jeff Porter and Daniel Chai from The Fear of Science and Mo Amir from This is VANCOLOUR will be talking with comedian Katie-Ellen Humphries about what scares people about the city of Vancouver. We will attempt to pick apart why people call Vancouver "No Fun City" and why people are hesitant to move or stay in the city. 

Inside Vancouver

Podcasts might be a global medium, but lots of creators are using them to tell uniquely local stories.