Mike Schubert

If you went back in time and told 12-year-old Mike Schubert that he would be presenting Harry Potter material at conventions, he would first be very confused and second ask if future Mike at least had a cool mustache. Mike is a New York-based podcaster and is the host, editor, and producer of Potterless. He is a part of Multitude, an independent audio collective, which also includes his other podcast, HORSE. When not podcasting or vehemently arguing that "Deluminator" is just a cowardly retcon for "Put-Outer", Mike can be found playing basketball, performing improv comedy, or hiking. 

Potterless documents the journey of Mike Schubert, a 26-year-old man, reading the Harry Potter series for the very first time. Each episode, Mike sits down with different Harry Potter experts to discuss a few chapters at a time as he points out plot holes, raves about the sassiness of Ginny and McGonagall, and (often incorrectly) predicts what will happen next.

Harry Potter Podfest featuring local and international guests

Join Hannah McGregor, co-host of Witch, Please, along with Mike Schubert of Potterless Podcast, Muhamed Amirie, Madison Goddyn, and Sean Dales of Flipendo: and Sam Nock of Heavy Content, for a magical afternoon of Harry Potter debates, trivia, costumes, and more!

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