Lauren Bercovitch

Lauren Bercovitch is Head of Production at Kelly&Kelly, a creative studio specializing in premium podcast production. After Production Managing at Adbusters Media Foundation for five years, Bercovitch transitioned from print to film and television, producing everything from reality cooking shows to indie docs. A producer with over 15 years experience across all mediums - print, television, film, web, and podcasts - Bercovitch heads up Kelly&Kelly's diverse slate of podcasts including: This Sounds Serious, Celeste & Her Best, and Dexter Guff is Smarter Than You

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Can podcasts make money? Do you have to sign up with a big network, or can you do it on your own? Lauren Bercovitch and Chris Kelly host a workshop looking at different ways to monetize your podcast, and demonstrate that making money from your podcast doesn’t have to be hard.