Lala Matthen

Lala is a therapist whose practice supports individual and collective healing using a blend of traditional and non-traditional approaches. Her work sits at the intersection of counselling and activism, firmly rooted in the radical possibilities of QTBIPOC spiritual and emotional healing.

Women and Non-Binary People in Podcasting

Despite its growth, podcasting continues to struggle with diversity; often women, people of colour, LGBTQ2S and non-binary people do not see themselves represented as podcasters. Featuring a panel of diverse podcasters in Vancouver who are making the medium their own this session will discuss the role women and non-binary people are playing in transforming this emerging medium.


Sensitive people are all around you: taking in information, feeling deeply, and honing in on the energies of others. In this episode, Nic and Lala open up about emotional and physical sensitivity and explore how an achilles heel can become a powerful resource.