The Kelly and Kelly Team

Pat Kelly is an alumnus of The Second City, has appeared at the Just for Laughs Festival, and once met Paul McCartney in a steam room. As the co-founder of Kelly&Kelly, he’s overseen the creation of This Sounds Serious, Road Trip Radio and Dexter Guff. He is the co-creator and co-host of This is That. Pat has a face for audio.

Long time collaborator of Kelly&Kelly, Peter Oldring is the co-creator of This is That and star of This Sounds Serious. Peter began his career at the National Theatre School of Canada and has acted on stage and in both film and television. He would be considered a triple threat if only he could sing and dance, but as a mono threat he’s thrilled to have been recognized with Canadian Comedy Awards and a Canadian Screen Actors Award as well.

Dave Shumka has worked in podcasting for over a decade. He is the co-host of Stop Podcasting Yourself on the Maximum Fun network, a three time Canadian Comedy Award Winner, and the writer of Castbox’s This Sounds Serious.

Caitlin Howden is the writer and performer of four critically acclaimed main stage revues at The Second City (Toronto), earning a total of fourteen Canadian Comedy Award nominations in four years. Caitlin calls Vancouver home and performs with city's favorite comedy show, The Sunday Service. She has collaborated with Kelly&Kelly on several of their podcast projects.

Chris Kelly is an award winning content creator and co-founder of Kelly&Kelly. He specializes in podcast production and is the audio wiz behind CBC's This Is That, Panoply's Dexter Guff, and CastBox's This Sounds Serious. Chris is also known for video, his work has been screened at multiple film festivals, including the Tribeca Film Fest and has amassed over 50 millions views online.