Johanna Wagstaffe

Johanna Wagstaffe is a meteorologist and science reporter for CBC News covering national and international science and aviation stories. She has hosted two award-winning CBC podcasts: Fault Lines and 2050: Degrees of Change. Johanna has a degree in geophysics, specializing in seismology and earth sciences. When she's not in the newsroom or tracking hurricanes, she enjoys flying with her dad in a 1943 Aeronca. Johanna will be co-hosting the upcoming season of CBC Podcasts' Uncover: Bomb on Board, launching this November.

2050: Degrees of Change

In the year 2050, our world and our way of life has been transformed by climate change. The question is, what are we willing to do now in order to change the future? In this new episode of the CBC podcast 2050: Degrees of Change, host Johanna Wagstaffe asks what it would take for you to change for climate change.

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