Jody Gottlieb

Jody is the Co-host and Executive Producer of the Somebody Somewhere Podcast and the Chief Creative Officer/Executive Producer of RainStream Media, Inc. Gottlieb is an internationally recognized and award-winning Producer/Director & Executive Producer of feature documentaries, television series and specials produced for CNN, Turner Broadcasting, Netflix, Amazon, and Discovery. Previously, Jody has overseen CNN’s long-from documentary division and the launch of CNN’s Special Investigative Unit. Most recently, Gottlieb served as the Head of Development and Production for Vulcan Productions.

Somebody Somewhere

From RainStream Media in Seattle comes a 10-part episodic podcast investigating what happened after a gunman shot and killed Assistant United States Attorney Tom Wales in his home in 2001. Journalists Jody Gottlieb and David Payne re-examine the web of evidence, new leads, and theories developed by the FBI as they unsuccessfully tried to identify Wales’ killer. In their own independent and nationwide investigation, Payne and Gottlieb uncover new evidence as they search for the man or men who killed Tom Wales.

Panel: True Crime Podcasting Beyond Serial

For many podcast listeners, Serial was an entry point into the world of true crime podcasts. Now, true crime podcasts are everywhere

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