Jeff Porter

Jeff is the producer and co-host of The Fear of Science. By day, he is a graphic designer/digital developer, and by night he is a cosplayer, board gamer and full-time geek. Jeff is passionate about all things science, and has been working in science communication for over 4 years. He brings a general science knowledge point of view to The Fear of Science.

The Fear of Science brings together scientists and common people for an unfiltered discussion about complicated and sometimes-controversial science fears in a fun and respectful way. We dive into the wide world of science to demystify, debunk and delight! Each show features a new science fear, with special guests and more surprises along the way.

Live: The Fear of Science

Catch a live episode of The Fear of Science to talk all things crime and science for the "Fear of Getting Caught" episode. Special guests will be Dr. Elizabeth Peterson the curator at the Vancouver Police Museum and comedian Andrew Lynch from Geeks vs Nerds discussing Vancouver police history, forensics and all things crime.

Event Date and Time