Jeff Porter

Jeff is the producer and co-host of The Fear of Science. By day, he is a graphic designer/digital developer, and by night he is a cosplayer, board gamer and full-time geek. Jeff is passionate about all things science, and has been working in science communication for over 4 years. He brings a general science knowledge point of view to The Fear of Science.

The Fear of Science brings together scientists and common people for an unfiltered discussion about complicated and sometimes-controversial science fears in a fun and respectful way. We dive into the wide world of science to demystify, debunk and delight! Each show features a new science fear, with special guests and more surprises along the way.

Fear of Science vs. This is VANCOLOUR

Jeff Porter and Daniel Chai from The Fear of Science and Mo Amir from This is VANCOLOUR will be talking with comedian Katie-Ellen Humphries about what scares people about the city of Vancouver. We will attempt to pick apart why people call Vancouver "No Fun City" and why people are hesitant to move or stay in the city. 

Inside Vancouver

Podcasts might be a global medium, but lots of creators are using them to tell uniquely local stories.