Jason and Randy

Jason is a working professional who enjoys keeping up with every that has to do with culture. He always finds a way to over analyze every situation and brings that needless analysis to the Rap Gods. A passionate podcaster, Jason has helped produce many podcasts around the city.
Randy is in the real estate / development scene by day. But with a self-proclaimed voice as smooth as silk and an intense passion for the creative scene. He knew he had to be chasing one of his passion projects. Enter Rap Gods and the result is this journey.

Live: Rap Gods

Jason and Randy come out of the heavens to talk about Rap/Hip-hop in the only way gods know how: with vigilance. Rap Gods covers a range of Hip Hop topics including album reviews, rumors, what if situations, and much more. Rap Gods is also connected to the community as Jason and Randy interview up and coming creatives in the city.

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