Geoff Turner

Geoff Turner has been a producer at CBC since 2010. He co-created The Invisible Hand, a CBC Radio series on economics which won the 2012 RTDNA Peter Gzowski Award for best news information program, and hosted and produced the CBC Original podcast, On Drugs. Geoff was a founding producer of The 180, and senior producer of the program from 2015 - 2017. In a previous life, he was a special effects technician, helping to make things blow up real good for feature films, including X-Men 2, I, Robot and Fantastic Four. These days, he's all about Boston terriers and bicycles.

Expanding Your Audio Palette

In this Masterclass, veteran CBC Radio journalists and producers Geoff Turner, Jessica Linzey and Matthew Lazin-Ryder will teach you the tips and tricks to making a compelling audio documentary by doing in it in front of a live audience in real-time.