Dr. Elizabeth Peterson

Elizabeth Peterson was excited to join the Vancouver Police Museum and Archives as Museum Curator in 2017 after spending 9 years working as an archaeologists and museum specialist in Ethiopia, UK, Mexico, and Canada. With a passion for exploring the more unusual aspects of history tied with community outreach and development, she is very happy exploring and sharing Vancouver’s story through exhibit design and collection management. Elizabeth is responsible for the acquisition, storage, and display of the museum’s collections. She holds a BA and MA in Anthropology/Archaeology with a Museum Studies Certificate from The University of Tulsa and a PhD in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University.

Live: The Fear of Science

Catch a live episode of The Fear of Science to talk all things crime and science for the "Fear of Getting Caught" episode. Special guests will be Dr. Elizabeth Peterson the curator at the Vancouver Police Museum and comedian Andrew Lynch from Geeks vs Nerds discussing Vancouver police history, forensics and all things crime.

Event Date and Time