Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly is an award winning content creator and co-founder of Kelly&Kelly. He specializes in podcast production and is the audio wiz behind CBC's This Is That, Panoply's Dexter Guff, and CastBox's This Sounds Serious. Chris is also known for video, his work has been screened at multiple film festivals, including the Tribeca Film Fest and has amassed over 50 millions views online.

This Sounds Serious
The Case of Daniel Bronstadt is a comedic take on the mystery and crime genre that is both gripping and hilarious. The series has garnered over 1 million listens and is available through CastBox, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and iHeart Radio.

This is That
Now in it's ninth season, This is That is a satirical news program, and heard by millions of listeners each week on CBC Radio One. This is That videos are a recent extension of the project. They have garnered millions of views since 2015. Both streams of This is That have won multiple awards and received media coverage.

Masterclass: Fiction Podcast Tricks, Hacks, and Fakery

Join veteran podcast producer Chris Kelly (CBC's This Is That, Panoply's Dexter Guff, CastBox's This Sounds Serious) as he shares with you production techniques he's learned from working in podcasting for over a decade. Find out how to get better performances from actors, edit music, create soundscapes, and make people believe your fictional story is real.

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Show: Criminally Funny

The cast and crew behind hit podcasts This Sounds Serious, This is That, and Stop Podcasting Yourself join forces with some of the city’s most talented comedians to bring you a night of improvised true crime comedy.

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