Arif Noorani

Arif Noorani is the Executive Producer and co-founder of CBC Podcasts, the #1 podcast publisher in Canada and top 10 in the U.S. (according to Triton Digital) with significant audiences around the world. He has led the development of over two dozen premium quality podcast series including Uncover (Escaping NXIVM, The Village), Someone Knows Something, Hunting Warhead, Party Lines, Front Burner, Tai Asks Why, Love Me, Alone, Other People’s Problems and Personal Best. He has spent over two decades developing contemporary and vital programs for the CBC and spearheaded innovative approaches to content across platforms in radio, podcasting, video and international distribution.

A closeup of a microphone on an empty stage

British Columbia podcasters are given the opportunity to get feedback on their best podcast show pitch from Executive Producers at some of the biggest podcast networks around, including CBC Podcasts, TELUS STORYHIVE, Antica Productions, Canadaland, and Indian & Cowboy Podcast Network.