VanPodFest Returns!

A sun rises over a dark blue mountain. In yellow, the words VAN POD FEST: November 18-22, 2020. Stay-At-Home Edition.

The Vancouver Podcast Festival programming committee was already working on its third annual festival when coronavirus became a global crisis. We know that some restrictions are lifting and the country is slowly opening back up in different ways, but a virtual event remains the safest, most responsible way to proceed. Following DOXA’s successful virtual festival this past June, the third annual Vancouver Podcast Festival by DOXA will run online November 18-22, 2020. 

VanPodFest 2020 will focus on select events, six over the course of five days. We anticipate an exciting and robust lineup of international and local podcasts, featuring hosts, producers, creators, and scholars. Look for the full announcement in October.

We are also planning an online trivia fundraiser for October 28, 2020, with very special prizes unique to VanPodFest. Details are coming soon. 

We love how many people are turning to podcasts in these times of isolation and physical distancing, and we love how many people are deciding now is the time to get behind the mic or learn editing or production. Stay home and stay safe, everyone, and see you all online in November. 

We’ll play ourselves out now with Bette Midler’s “From a Distance.”



VanPodFest Organizing Committee,
Sarah Bakke, Sharon Bradley, Joe Clark, Atenas Contreras, Selina Crammond, Gina Garenkooper, Andrea Gin, Lizzy Karp, Hannah McGregor, Roshini Nair and Andrea Warner


The Vancouver Podcast Festival is produced by The Documentary Media Society